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Tenebrae is proud to bring together some of the world’s best professional singers and musicians. We hold auditions for prospective Tenebrae members and Associate Artists at least once a year. Applicants will only be considered if they are resident in the UK and are singing professionally or intend to embark on a professional singing career (i.e. are in their final year at university or music college).

If you wish to apply please email the following, with your full name and voice part in the subject line, to [email protected]:

  • Cover letter (please indicate whether you have any pedagogic experience)
  • CV
  • Low resolution photo
  • Two written references ideally from people who know your singing in a choral context. Where possible please include these references in the same email as your CV, photo and cover letter.

We will keep your details on file and, should your application be of interest, contact you regarding audition dates/times as and when they are announced.

Work Experience

If you are interested in the Arts and want to learn more about an exciting and dynamic vocal ensemble, Tenebrae offer work placements to people looking to gain an insight into the different roles and activities of the company. All placements focus on administrative experience only, but will give you an opportunity to observe and assist with a variety of tasks both in the office and at live or recorded performances.

To apply for work experience opportunities please email a cover letter to [email protected].