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US Tour Blog: Hunting For Stash — Jack Granby

Posted on 15th November 2022



Another day another missile, this time hanging from the ceiling in a quirky burger joint in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Following our travel day through the beautiful landscapes of Pennsylvania and Virginia, day 6 brought our next concert, in the James Madison University Concert Hall. We were hosted really well at JMU, and there was a lot of intrigue over the small delivery robots gliding over the campus delivering food – didn’t have them in my day!



As a big fan of American Football, I leapt at the chance to explore the University stores for ‘stash’ at Princeton, JMU (where it’s called the ‘University Bookstore’) and later at Texas in Austin — I’ll be the person wearing 3 caps and 4 jumpers on our return flight.


The concert hall at JMU was a pleasure to sing in, and it was also fun to collaborate with The Madison Singers in the concert for Tavener’s Hymn to the Mother of God.

Next stop on our tour was Austin! Home of great tacos, amazing music, the state capitol building and the University of Texas, our early 5:30am wake up call for our transfer from Washington was a challenge, but well worth it.


Following some cactus tacos, chips and guac, and sugary pop, we sought out a specialty coffee spot near the State Capitol, before battling through the torrential rain to see the Capitol and the 100,000 seat Texas Longhorns stadium.

Another great concert with Jamie Burton followed that evening at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Austin, and we spent the evening post-concert in the hotel playing pool, table football and witnessing the longest Jenga match in Tenebrae history. I think it’s fair to say Joey, Amy and Joy tied for the win.