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Medieval Chant & Tallis Lamentations

20th Anniversary Tour

We are delighted to present a beautiful programme representing the daily duties of a singer in a Medieval English Cathedral from late afternoon until dusk. The hypnotic rhythm of antiphonal psalms, the familiarity of ancient hymns and the tranquillity of unaccompanied plainsong processions allow us to appreciate the beauty of this timeless music. Tallis’ intensely moving Lamentations of Jeremiah is programmed alongside medieval chant to highlight a stark contrast in style as one hears Tallis’ contrapuntal textures against the simplistic beauty of Gregorian chant.


John Sheppard – In manus tuas I
Plainchant Hymn for Passion Sunday: Pange lingua gloriosi
Plainchant Compline for Passiontide Part I
William Byrd – Ne irascaris
Plainchant Compline for Passiontide Part II
Thomas Tallis – If ye love me
Tunes for Archbishop Parker’s Psalter


John Sheppard In manus tuas II
Plainchant – Attende Domine
Thomas Tallis – Lamentations for Jeremiah I
Plainchant Responsory: In monte Oliveti
Thomas Tallis – Lamentations II
Plainchant Responsory: Tristis est anima mea
William Blitheman – In pace in idipsum

Venue & Address:

Dortmund St. Marienkirche, Kleppingstrasse 5, Dortmund, Germany, 44135, Germany


Nigel Short, Tenebrae Consort