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Choral Development Partners

Tenebrae is proud to be working with our choral development partners.

They form the heart of our education and community engagement work, both in our home city of London, and across the UK in towns to which we tour. Tenebrae provides regular, top-quality singing activities through workshops and performances, both in person and on-screen, to hundreds of young people from all backgrounds each year. Our activities complement and support the programmes which these organisations offer. We aim to inspire the next generation of young singers through the programme, allowing young people to gain self-confidence and form new friendships while developing their singing and musicianship.

Music Centre London

The charitable purpose of the Music Centre London is to provide young people of Islington and Southwark with high quality music tuition regardless of their ability to pay. By focusing on singing they open up access to music education provision and are able to ensure that their intake has a social and cultural mix that reflects the community around them. Since the Islington Music Centre opened in 1992 over 3,000 young people between the ages of 6-20 have benefited from their provision. Amongst many highlights their choirs have performed at the BBC Proms on six occasions. Music Centre London’s passion is to show that all young people with musical aptitude and a desire to learn can achieve the highest standards.

The young singers in the senior choirs at the music centres have open minds about repertoire and are very keen and curious to move into new areas of musical experience. There is no better way to satisfy this curiosity than to present them with a practical engagement with Tenebrae’s highly-trained singers. Enthusiasm is contagious. By working alongside professional experts they will gain much valuable insight into repertoire and technique and cultivate their interest in new areas of musical learning.

– Richard Frostick MA ARAM
Director, British Council World Voice
Director, Music Centre London

London Youth Choirs

A family of choirs for all young Londoners.

LYC provides young people living or educated within Greater London with a world class choral education. Their vision is to create a flagship ensemble to represent the city of London on a world stage. Encompassing 200 members from school year 3 to age 23and representing all 33 of London’s boroughs, they aim to build one of the best youth choirs in the world, alongside a body of training choirs to develop choral singing and provide young singers in London with high-level choral training and performance opportunities.

The London Youth Choir exists to inspire young people from all backgrounds to achieve the highest standards of choral singing. It is incredibly inspiring for us to be in partnership with Tenebrae so that the members of our flagship chamber choir, many of whom are the aspiring singers of the future, can have the unique experience to work alongside and perform with professional singers and directors of this calibre.

– Rachel Staunton, Director, London Youth Choir