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William Byrd and Thomas Tallis are among the best-loved names in the English Tudor music tradition. Tenebrae visit Martinikerk Groningen with a programme celebrating some of the most devotional and inspirational music these composers ever produced, combined with lesser-known gems by John Mundy and Robert Whyte.

In these exquisite performances, Tenebrae reaffirms its reputation as one of the leading exponents of Renaissance music” – The Financial Times


Robert White – Christe qui lux es III
William Byrd – Mass for four voices (interspersed with plainsong propers)
Thomas Tallis – O sacrum convivium
Tallis – Sance Deus
Tallis – Miserere nostri
Tallis – Loquebantur

Robert White – Christe qui lux es IV
Williams Mundy – Vox Patris caelestis
Robert White – Exaudiat te Dominus


Nigel Short, Tenebrae