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Associate Artists Appeal

Posted on 23 October 2018

Associate Artists 2018-2019: Bethany Partridge (Soprano), Elisabeth Paul (Alto), Benedict Flinn (Tenor), and Owain Park (Bass)

A flagship programme to develop the most talented young-professional choral singers in the UK.

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Under the leadership of the Tenebrae’s Artistic Director, Nigel Short, the Associate Artists scheme is unique amongst professional choirs as it meets the need for young talent to develop exceptional pedagogic and performance skills in order to sustain a career as a professional singer. You can help each of our Associate Artists on their journey to excellence, passion and precision.

About the Associate Artist Programme

4 Choral Leaders of the Future.         Inspiring over 1,000 Young singers.

Promoting Tenebrae’s vision to 18,000 audience members a year.

The scheme provides a quartet of selected young professional singers with invaluable experience through active engagement with Tenebrae’s national and international performance and recording schedule throughout the concert season. Associates also receive training in music pedagogy and put this into practice through a series of education and community partnerships.

To find out how this scheme is unique amongst professional choirs click here.


We are passionate about nurturing the next generation of choral leaders, if you share our vision please click here to support the training of a Tenebrae Associate Artist, helping to launch their career.

Costs involved

£500                    Rehearsal or workshop for all four Associate Artists

£750                    Recording session for all four Associate Artists

£1,000                  Concert for all four Associate Artists

£6,000                  Supports one Associate Artist for one year

£24,000              Supports the whole scheme for one year


Thank you

Having admired Tenebrae for a long time, it has been a real privilege to sing and work with such a talented group of musicians. They have been amazingly supportive and welcoming colleagues.
– Elisabeth Paul (Tenebrae Associate Artist)

The choir operates as a registered charity and Tenebrae’s achievements are only made possible by the generous support of our donors who believe in our innovative work. We are always eager to develop a lasting relationship with our donors and engage them through opportunities to see the benefits of their kind support through invitations to rehearsals, concerts, recording days and exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ opportunities.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please email Charlotte Nohavicka: [email protected]

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