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Rachmaninoff Vespers

Rachmaninoff Vespers

The recording was made live at the North Wales International Music Festival in conjunction with Boosey & Hawkes, Music Publishers Ltd. The roots of the Russian Orthodox Church are traceable back into the Third Century A.D. Whilst Western forms of Christianity continued to evolve, the Orthodox tradition has been preserved largely intact since the 11th Century, despite persecution of the Church under an intolerant Communist regime in Russia.

The music of the Russian Orthodox Church features vocal chants, the oldest of which is known as znamenny (from the Slavonic znamia meaning “sign”). The melody of this chant is extremely simple, and whilst other composers added their characteristic harmonic effects, Rachmaninoff consciously preserved the modal purity of the original in his setting of the Vespers.

a startling emotional range in their interpretation… a radiant meditation, a revelation of the subtlety of Rachmaninov’s music.

–  The Guardian
  • Release Date: 01 January 2005
  • Record Label: Signum Classics
  • Catalogue Number: SIGCD054
  • Location of Recording: St Asaph Cathedral, Wales
  • Total Running Time: 01:00:18
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1Come, let us worship (Priidite, poklonimsya)Sergei Rachmaninov02:13£ Listen
2Bless the Lord, O my soul (Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Gospoda)Sergei Rachmaninov04:46£ Listen
3Blessed is the man (Blazhen muzh)Sergei Rachmaninov05:15£ Listen
4Gladsome light (Svete tikhyi)Sergei Rachmaninov02:35£ Listen
5Lord, now lettest thou (Nïne otpushchayeshi)Sergei Rachmaninov03:11£ Listen
6Rejoice, O Virgin (Bogoroditse Devo)Sergei Rachmaninov03:05£ Listen
7The six Psalms (Shestopsalmiye)Sergei Rachmaninov02:28£ Listen
8Praise the name of the Lord (Khavalite imya Gospodne)Sergei Rachmaninov02:04£ Listen
9Blessed art Thou, O Lord (Blagosloven esi, Gospodi)Sergei Rachmaninov05:35£ Listen
10Having beheld the resurrection of Christ (Voskresenie Khristovo videvshe)Sergei Rachmaninov02:57£ Listen
11My soul magnifies the Lord (Velichit dusha moya Gospoda)Sergei Rachmaninov08:10£ Listen
12The Great Doxology (Slavoslovie velikoe)Sergei Rachmaninov07:06£ Listen
13Today salvation has come (Dnes spaseniye)Sergei Rachmaninov01:44£ Listen
14Thou didst rise from the tomb (Voskres iz groba)Sergei Rachmaninov03:17£ Listen
15To Thee, the victorious Leader (Vzbrannoy voyevode)Sergei Rachmaninov02:46£ Listen
16We praise thee (Tebe poyem)Sergei Rachmaninov03:02£ Listen

a startling emotional range in their interpretation… a radiant meditation, a revelation of the subtlety of Rachmaninov’s music.

–  The Guardian

Nigel Short and Tenebrae have just the right balance of control and passion, reverence and exuberance that makes for such a superb performance.

–  The Organ

The result is both intimate and powerfully atmospheric, shedding new and memorable light on what usually comes across as a massive choral spectacular.

–  Classic FM Magazine

Signum is Gramophone Label of the Year 2017!

14 September 2017

Huge congratulations to our friends at Signum Classics for winning Record Label of the Year at the Gramophone Classical Music Awards! We are delighted for the company who celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. We have loved working with them producing some of our most memorable recordings from Tenebrae’s debut release The Dream of Herod back… continued