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Blogs: Tune in to Tenebrae: Isolation Edition

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Tune in to Tenebrae: Isolation Edition

Tune in to Tenebrae – isolation edition: Amy Blythe

Posted on 15 May 2020

It’s hard to pick a favourite but Nikolay Golovanov’s Our Father from the Russian Treasures is a true gem for me. The Russian Treasures programme was the first concert I sang with Tenebrae and it was an exciting journey discovering lots of music I’d never heard before. It’s intense and beautiful and reaches an amazing climax towards the end which is just so thrilling to sing!

When I’m not self indulging in amazing Russian music I’m listening to anything on my London Marathon running playlist and a current favourite is Petals by TOPS. Despite the race being postponed until the autumn I’m enjoying some early morning running and have managed to escape London and soak up the quiet countryside in Suffolk.

Amy is fundraising for the re-scheduled race in October and you can support her here: 

Listen to our full lock-down playlist on Spotify here.