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Blogs: USA Tour 2019

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USA Tour 2019

Let’s do the Charleston!

Posted on 12 November 2019

Welcome to the second blog of this tour, coming to you from the coach somewhere between Charleston SC and Durham NC. It’s currently day 4 of my first tour to the US with Tenebrae and so far so good! Yesterday we were in the beautiful Charleston with gorgeous sunny weather and great food. We arrived early enough to explore the town, take in the charming architecture and a few of us found an excellent poke restaurant for lunch. 

Our concert was at Grace Church Cathedral which was a very rewarding place to sing to a lovely audience. It was especially poignant to be singing Parry’s Songs of Farewell and Howells’ Requiem (one of my absolute favourites) on Armistice Day (or Veterans Day in the States) and I think a few of us felt rather choked up by the end.

By now we’re getting more adjusted to the time zone here and a post-concert reception last night certainly helped to keep us from crashing straight into bed. We’re still waking up too early but this can be rewarded with beautiful views from a morning run! Photo credit to Beth.

We’re very grateful to have been welcomed so warmly by Grace Church Cathedral and their Director of Music, Nigel and his wife, Sarah, who put on a delicious dinner for us before the concert and looked after us so well afterwards.

Next stop: Path of Miracles at Duke University tonight! All details here.

-Victoria Meteyard (soprano Associate Artist)

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