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The Tenebrae Effect

Inspiring through passion and precision

The Tenebrae Effect is Tenebrae’s inspiring choral development initiative that provides an insight into the elements which make Tenebrae’s sound and interpretation to music so unique and gives singers the opportunity to learn in a friendly and challenging environment alongside professional singers from the choir. Participants are instilled with performance skills essential to a Tenebrae performance, which are brought about by teamwork and communication, the essence of which is demonstrated through Tenebrae’s core values of passion and precision.

Nigel is wonderfully expressive and communicates a subtle and elegant perspective on choral muisc. It was a real pleasure.

– Simon Smart, 2nd July 2017

More please – as often as possible – Absolutely fantastic afternoon!

– Patricia Wyman, 28th July 2017

Most enjoyable workshop I have ever attended. A real pleasure to find such a high skill level in a workshop.

– Hilary Otter,  7th April 2016

Thoroughly enjoyable. Enjoyed the experiences and stories! A pleasure and privilege to sing with such an enthusiastic and charismatic conductor.

– Brenda Saudia, 26th May 2016

A workshop usually focuses on repertoire which is related to a concert programme from Tenebrae. Participants will be encouraged to prepare music in advance of the workshop, which would ideally take place on the day of a concert from Tenebrae in the local area and/ or in the days leading up to the performance. Alternatively this can be a standalone session and Tenebrae can work on repertoire selected by a participating ensemble.

When the workshops are presented in conjunction with a concert by Tenebrae, this will give participants the opportunity to first work with Tenebrae’s professional singers and then to see them perform live. In addition to this, the participants will have the chance to perform alongside Tenebrae in rehearsal and/ or concert. It makes for an inspiring day for any singer and adds an important educational element to any festival or school programme.

We are exceptionally fortunate to be in a position to welcome the calibre of vocal groups such as Tenebrae to Millfield. The masterclass with Nigel was stimulating throughout and performance with Tenebrae exhilarating till the last note.

– Matthew Cook (Director of Music, Millfield School)

We absolutely loved having your Associate Artists here! They were so brilliant in the way that they mucked in with our choirs and were quietly supportive. Nigel’s words of wisdom were eagerly absorbed by both students and staff.

– Tali Glynne-Jones (Head of Choral Music, Reigate Grammar School)

The recent Tenebrae residency was an extraordinary time for everyone at St John’s. It is difficult to quantify the impact that the three days had on general enthusiasm for singing and the star quality that has pervaded performances since; Nigel Short and the team were fantastic. The concert last night was obviously stunning but it’s the manner in which it’s all done, and your own generosity of spirit, that really gives it the edge. Many pupils have commented since that these were among the best days of their lives thus far. In the school’s long experience of masterclasses with various groups and ensembles, there has been nothing comparable to the Tenebrae experience. It has to be enjoyed to be believed!

– Simon Bland (Assistant Director of Music, St John’s School, Leatherhead)

We have been lucky enough to conduct workshops at the following schools: Christ’s Hospital, Cranmore, Downside, Eton College, Godolphin and Latymer, Millfield, Reigate Grammar, Shrewsbury, Solihull, St John’s Leatherhead and Uppingham and we hope to do many more in the future.

The Tenebrae Effect is designed to challenge and advance every participant. Workshop sessions can be applied to singers and choirs of any ability, but most value is brought to performers with prior experience in choral singing who wish to improve further. Tenebrae seeks to address a gap in choral development by presenting a programme which encourages singers to develop their musicianship, leadership and communication skills.

Through this series, Tenebrae is thrilled to be a BBC Get Creative Champion, supporting BBC Get Creative by working with people of all ages and abilities to encourage and educate the UK in the art of high-quality choral singing.

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