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Reviews and Praise for Victoria CD

Posted on 9th May 2011

We are so pleased our CD of Victoria and Lobo has been greeted with praise. The Financial Times says: “If you have ever developed a resistance to Renaissance polyphony, this could be the disc to make you think again””. The Independent says “Tenebrae here exquisitely conveys the flowing relationships between … voices”.

We are also receiving emails and letters from those who have bought the CD or heard it on the radio. The musician Andrew Plant is amongst those who have written: “Many congrats on the superb Victoria CD with Tenebrae: in fact, I couldn’t get past the first track (Lobo’s ‘Versa est’) for some time and just kept playing it over and over again. I don’t know how Nigel does it but it really makes one wonder if it’s possible for standards ever to be higher”.

More information is available on our recordings page.