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BBC Radio 3: CD Review

Posted on 19th January 2014

Tenebrae’s latest recording, Russian Treasures, featured on BBC Radio 3’s CD Review on Sunday 19th January.  The disc received a glowing review from presenter Andrew McGregor, who labeled it “seriously impressive”.

He went on to say:

“Tenebrae boasts basses that can descend to subterranean bottom Bs and a quality of timbre and ensemble that is second to none.  Beautiful singing… Relishing every gentle harmonic turn of the music… Superb ensemble, intonation and control… A recording with a distant radiance that enfolds you.  Really special singing.”

You can hear the full review and Kalinnikov’s beautiful setting of Svete tihiy (Gladsome Light) via the BBC iPlayer (approximately 2 hours 35 minutes in) for the next 6 days.  Click here for access.