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Victoria: Requiem Mass 1605

Victoria: Requiem Mass 1605

Tenebrae present its BBC Music Magazine award-winning recording of Tomás Luis de Victoria’s requiem mass for six voices, written in 1603 and published in 1605. This masterpiece is one of a handful of large-scale works which enjoys mainstream appeal in the 21st century. For many, it represents what Renaissance polyphony is, what it sounds and feels like, and how expressive it can be. The disc also features two well-known works by Victoria’s contemporary Alonso Lobo.

This is a definitive modern Victoria Requiem, performed by a choir who relish its musical and expressive challenges.

Classic FM

Release Date: 28 March 2011

Record Label: Signum Classics

Catalogue Number: SIGCD248

Location of Recording: St Alban the Martyr, Holborn, London

Total Running Time: 01:19:04

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# Title Composer Duration Price Listen Add to Cart
1Versa est in luctumAlfonso Lobo05:32£ Listen
2Requiem Mass, 1605: Lesson: Taedet anima meaTomás Luis de Victoria03:04£ Listen
3Requiem Mass, 1605: Introit: Requiem aeternamTomás Luis de Victoria06:19£ Listen
4Requiem Mass, 1605: KyrieTomás Luis de Victoria05:29£ Listen
5Requiem Mass, 1605: Gradual: Requiem aeternamTomás Luis de Victoria03:46£ Listen
6Requiem Mass, 1605: Offertory: Domine, Jesu ChristeTomás Luis de Victoria06:45£ Listen
7Requiem Mass, 1605: Sanctus & BenedictusTomás Luis de Victoria03:26£ Listen
8Requiem Mass, 1605: Agnus Dei ITomás Luis de Victoria01:08£ Listen
9Requiem Mass, 1605: Agnus Dei IITomás Luis de Victoria01:38£ Listen
10Requiem Mass, 1605: Communion: Lux aeternaTomás Luis de Victoria04:06£ Listen
11Requiem Mass, 1605: Motet: Versa est in luctumTomás Luis de Victoria04:02£ Listen
12Requiem Mass, 1605: Responsory: Libera me, DomineTomás Luis de Victoria09:42£ Listen
13Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: De lamentationeAlfonso Lobo01:10£ Listen
14Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: HethAlfonso Lobo00:53£ Listen
15Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Misericordiae DominiAlfonso Lobo01:46£ Listen
16Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: HethAlfonso Lobo00:40£ Listen
17Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Novi diluculoAlfonso Lobo01:17£ Listen
18Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: HethAlfonso Lobo00:55£ Listen
19Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Pars mea DominusAlfonso Lobo00:52£ Listen
20Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: TethAlfonso Lobo00:36£ Listen
21Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Bonus est DominusAlfonso Lobo01:20£ Listen
22Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: TethAlfonso Lobo00:33£ Listen
23Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Bonum est praestolariAlfonso Lobo01:17£ Listen
24Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: TethAlfonso Lobo00:53£ Listen
25Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Bonum est viroAlfonso Lobo01:31£ Listen
26Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: IodAlfonso Lobo01:24£ Listen
27Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Sedebit solitariusAlfonso Lobo01:22£ Listen
28Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: IodAlfonso Lobo00:58£ Listen
29Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Ponet in pulvereAlfonso Lobo01:10£ Listen
30Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: IodAlfonso Lobo00:53£ Listen
31Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Dabit percutientiAlfonso Lobo01:10£ Listen
32Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: IerusalemAlfonso Lobo03:13£ Listen
# Title Composer Duration Price Listen Add to Cart

This is a definitive modern Victoria Requiem, performed by a choir who relish its musical and expressive challenges.

Classic FM

The Requiem is written for six voices, but this choir of 20 never seems lumbering or unbalanced. They are perfectly tuned… This recording does justice both to the genius of Victoria and to the musicality of Tenebrae

BBC Music Magazine

a lovely recording – transparent, tranquil, and heartfelt: it’s a version I can listen to again and again.

John Rutter, BBC Music Magazine

there is an intensity, an emotional range,Tenebrae seems to be able to draw on that makes this really special alongside the purity and accuracy we’ve come to expect from this very versatile ensemble.

John Rutter

Tenebrae’s performance, directed by Nigel Short, is gently sustained, immaculately balanced and wrapped in a luminous acoustic.

The Financial Times

The Requiem is written for six voices, but this choir of 20 never seems lumbering or unbalanced. They are perfectly tuned (listen to the exquisite poise of the Agnus Dei), and one is rarely aware of intrusive individual singers.

Anthony Pryer

a ravishingly beautiful performance that stills by heart and sends shivers down my spine…

Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3 CD Review

Tenebrae applies its customary sensibility and expressive power to one of the great cornerstones of the choral repertoire. Beautifully recorded with just the right amount of resonance…Victoria called on all his imaginative resources in this Requiem, and Tenebrae interprets them magnificently.

The Daily Telegraph

Tenebrae here exquisitely conveys the the flowing relationships between its six voices…The group presents the work with elegant subtlety, allowing the full detail of tonal colouration to shine through unencumbered.

The Independent
Winner: BBC Music Magazine ‘Best Choral Performance’ Award (2012)

Winner: BBC Music Magazine ‘Best Choral Performance’ Award (2012)

BBC Music Magazine, Choral & Song Choice (2011)

‘Building a Library’, BBC Radio 3, Featured May 2011


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