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Blogs: USA Tour 2022

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US Tour Blog: Doodle in Dallas – Anna Semple

17 November 2022

Still reeling from Jenga-related highs, coaches were boarded for Dallas early on Saturday morning with the hope of arriving just in time for the consumption of an offensive amount of BBQ. Dallas did not disappoint. After what can only be described as an unholy feast for the senses, we began preparations for concert number 5… continued

US Tour Blog: Joe Blogs – Joey Edwards

11 November 2022

A missile welded to the roof of a camper van is not a usual sight to see from the tour-bus window. We overtook it on the freeway just outside Bethlehem, PA. Today, we drove about six hours from Morristown to Harrisonburg for our next concert at James Madison University. Travel days are never glamorous and… continued

US Tour Blog: Princeton – Rachel Haworth

8 November 2022

Day 2 of tour kicked off with an early start in order to make our flight from Orlando to Newark. We were on our way to Princeton and very excited about it! Free Wi-Fi and a choice of complimentary snacks helped the flight pass rather quickly, along with the incredible views of New York City… continued

US Tour Blog: Golf & Gators – Hannah King

7 November 2022

After a long flight to Tampa we drove from the airport to our hotel in Orlando – usually this wouldn’t warrant a mention in the blog, but as we were driving we were treated to views of spectacular fireworks from the happiest place on earth – a nice way to start our time in the… continued