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USA Tour 2015

USA Tour Blog: Birmingham

Posted on 29 October 2015

USA Tour 2015 - Birmingham cropped

Monday was a well-earned day off for most of our number (Nigel and Henry soldiered on with meetings and workshops). Some visited the local aquarium, some went in search of shops and Bourbon, many chose a lazy day in bed. The lovely people at Skylark Vocal Ensemble kindly invited us for a party in the evening and much fun, lasagne and dog-stroking was had.

Feeling fully refreshed, we travelled to Birmingham, Alabama, for our fifth concert of the tour.

The drizzly, grey weather has been following us around for a while now. Maybe it’s trying to make us feel at home. Thankfully the warmth and generosity of our hosts in Southside Baptist church more than made up for the rain, and we were very well fed and watered before our concert.

We were joined for the evening by local group, the Birmingham Boys Choir, who sang a short set at the start of the concert and joined us for an encore. It was a real treat to sit back and watch these very talented boys give such a rousing and polished performance. They made an incredible sound. Some far less welcome incredible sounds were added during the concert by an over-zealous air-conditioning system and an exceptionally ill-timed siren. That’s live music, folks.

Today was a special day for one of our number, tenor Ruairi Bowen, who celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday. Wonderful General Manager Henry sourced a deliciously naughty Alabama Mud Pie to celebrate the occasion, which we tucked into before the concert.

Brahms and pie. A good day.

-Amy Wood (soprano)

Quote of the day came from soprano Emilia Morton during a game of Banagrams: “Martha, there’s an A under your bum!”

USA Tour 2015 - Birmingham blog

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